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Hiking Equipment
Introduction to the walks to the summit of Scafell Pike 

Scafell Pike from Wasdale  - a more detailed review of the popular route

Other information on Scafell Pike and the Lake District
Scafell Pike Facts and History
Travelling to and Stay near Scafell Pike
Holidays in the Lake District
Foggy Scafell Pike
Dogs on Scafell Pike
The Wainwrights

What's it like to do the Three Peaks?
Three Peaks Experience - the Driver's View
Three Peaks Plus - Triathlon
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The Highest Mountains in the UK

It is a widely known fact that Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK.  Most people would then go on to name Mount Snowdon as the second highest when there are actually many peaks in the highlands of Scotland that dwarf this summit.  Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England, would in turn be made to look small against some of the other peaks in Snowdonia.  Yet the most popular mountain walks in the UK are to the summits of these three mountains, purely as they are the highest in each of the mainland countries, and getting to the top of even one of these mountains is a major, but quite possible,  achievement for many novice walkers. 

Each mountain is situated in the some of the most scenic locations of the UK - perfect for a day trip, or with the climb forming part of your holiday. 

Climbing to the Top

It's not difficult to walk to the top of the major mountains in the UK as long as you are moderately fit and have the right walking equipment.  But for the many that do reach the summit, there are also many that don't because they are not properly prepared.  These walks are serious walks, and not ones to be undertaken on a whim or, for example, wearing just trainers and shorts!  Temperatures at the summits, even on the warmest days, can be very much lower than those at sea level.  The weather can change quickly, and it's possible to get lost on even the best trodden paths. 

Summit of Ben Nevis
Summit of Mount Snowdon
Summit of Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike


Ben Nevis

Hiking Equipment

Mountain Rescue


Fitness required to climb mountains


Three Peaks Challenge
Introduction to the Lake District

The Lake District

Three Peaks Challenge

The Three Peaks Challenge - where walkers climb Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike within 24 hours (including the travelling between)  - has also helped to popularise these mountains mainly because it is feasible for walkers to take part without being super fitness fanatics or mountaineers.  Obviously someone who is completely unfit, or who has not put in a certain level of training would not be advised to attempt the challenge!  If you thinking of doing the Three Peaks Challenge then read what it's really like!
Can you climb to the summits of the peaks of Britain's highest mountain ranges and take in some of the UK's most beautiful scenery? Well, why not?
The Ben Nevis Mountain Path Walk Description

Experiences of Walking up Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis Walkers share their stories
Ben Nevis on Crutches
Three Peaks Part 1 - Ben Nevis
Pole Dancing on Ben Nevis
Ben Nevis c1960
Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK.  For a novice walker it will take around 6 to 10 hours to complete the eight and a half mile walk to the summit and back.
The highest mountain in Wales and located in the Snowdonia National Park - an area of outstanding beauty.  There are six main routes to the summit, and also the option of taking the train.  The local Sherpa bus gives the option of taking one route up, and a different route down.  It is the only mountain where you can get a cup of tea or hot soup at the summit (summer months only)
Summary of Main Routes up Snowdon with information on where the route start (postcode info etc)

More detail on some of the routes:

Miners and Pyg Tracks
The Llanberis Path
Miners Path returning via Rangers Path
Watkin Path
Introduction to Crib Goch


Guided Walks up Ben Nevis
A Night on Ben Nevis
Ben Nevis c1960
Other Information on Ben Nevis and the Highlands

How to Get to Ben Nevis
Ben Nevis Accommodation
Ben Nevis Facts and History
Walking in the Highlands
Holidays near Ben Nevis
Ben Nevis Race
Ben Lomond
Are you ready to take on the challenge of England's highest mountain?  There are two main walks to the summit.
If you think one mountain isn't enough for you, why not climb all three? 
Being safe on the mountains starts with having the right equipment for your walk, and being prepared for the conditions you might come across.  Read our recommendations.
How fit do you need to be to take on one (or more) of these mountains?

Level of Fitness Required and how to prepare yourself

How to Recover from a Mountain Walk - looking after those sore muscles after your walk

Whilst most people manage to walk to the summits and back without incident, mountain walking should be taken very seriously.  Every year people die or seriously injure themselves on the highest peaks of the UK. 

Mountain Rescue - how to get help if you get into trouble on the mountains. 

Wasdale Mountain Rescue - an interview with the rescue team and advice on how to keep safe

Details of Walks and Walkers Form - use this form to leave details of your intended walk and return time.  It could save your life if people know you are missing.

Check the weather conditions forecast for the day before your walk and make sure you are properly prepared.  This page provides an interpretation of what the forecast conditions will mean.
The Lake District National Park is not only home to the highest peak in England, but is an area of outstanding natural beauty with mountains to climb, scenery to explore and numerous activities to amuse young and old on those inclement days.  Our introductory guides provide information on where you can walk, outdoor activities and the best places to visit.
Introduction to the Lake District

Walking and Outdoor Activities

The Wainwrights
Walking in the Lake District
Outdoor Activities in the Lake District

Guides to the various areas and what to see and do whilst you're there:

Windermere and the Southern Lakes
Kendal and District
Keswick and the North Lakes
Coast and Western Lakes
Penrith and the Eastern Lakes
Ulverston and South West Cumbria

General Information

Gift Ideas for Walkers
About Mountain Walk
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Useful Information
This website has a wealth of  information not only about each of the walks, but also guidance on how to prepare to make sure you are one of those who reach the summit, and descend safely so you can revel in your achievement.  

Whether you're thinking of taking the plunge  for fun or to raise money for a worthy cause, why not make climbing one - or all - of these mountains your challenge for 2015?