The Glen Nevis Race (or Crocs on the River Nevis!)

If you are near Glen Nevis on Saturday, 20th July 2013 you might want to rub your eyes as you see what’s careering down the river that afternoon.  From 2pm onwards you might see crocodiles, sheep, whales and even a woman or two (all blow up of course) in this, the famous Glen Nevis River Race!

Starting by launching off into the freezing water from a small ledge on a rock face, participants then have to navigate through rocks and rapids and obstacles with intriguing names such as the ‘Gurgling Gorge’, ‘Dead Dog Pool’ and the concerning sounding ‘Leg Breaker’.  They then complete the race in the calmer waters of the lower glen.  Funds raised from the race goes to support the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team whose area covers Ben Nevis.

Safety is obviously paramount, so participants have to have wetsuits, crash helmets, buoyancy aids and suitable footwear (i.e. walking boots).  They are not allowed to wear flippers, and must have ‘an inflatable craft without sides’.  In other words, a lilo, or anything similar that can be blown up and sat upon.  The spectacle is completed by fancy dress being worn on top of the wetsuits!

The time taken to complete the course depends on the water level in the River Nevis – previous events have taken from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Unfortunately it’s too late to enter for this event as the £100 (minimum) sponsorship money needed to be deposited with the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team 7 days before the event.  But why not pop along and give them your support if you are in the area?  It’s bound to be a lot of fun!  A range of people take part from seasoned athletes to people who enjoy taking part in outdoor activities so you could always think of entering yourself next year!

And when else are you going to see a crocodile in Glen Nevis?